Update, Sept 22, 2010

We’re in the next to the last day of one of the major updates here at the house.

My father was over yesterday helping us pull out our old cast iron sink and tearing out the last of the kitchen counters. Then sawing and drilling to put in new outlets. Today the new counters were installed, and my dad will be back over in a bit to finish off the electrical work. Tomorrow Randall and I will reinstall the cooktop and put in the new sink/faucet/disposal.

Through all of this, Elvis has really done well. Up until yesterday (late morning), he was out loose in the den. At one point I could see he was getting a bit anxious, so I put him in his crate and he stayed there most of the afternoon. He was more concerned that dinner was running late than anything, but other than that he actually did very well.

This morning before the counters came in, we moved his crate into our room so he’d be out of the way of the worst of the noise. I ended up giving him a Valium because he was getting a tad stressed, but the counters went in fast, and after we did some clean up, we let him out of his crate, and he did just fine.

My dad will be over in a bit, and Elvis might need to go back in his crate, but it’s back in the den in the usual place, so I doubt I’ll see much in the way of stress.

All in all, he has really handled the upheaval like a trooper. I’ll go back to painting the living room after next week (I’m coming off my Aleve so I will be forced to rest…I’m really wearing out.), but I don’t expect that to cause any trouble provided I remember to turn on fans. :)

I suspect I’ll post an update either this weekend or sometime early next week unless things change.

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