The Foodlady is back…

and there was much rejoicing. :)

Poor little Elvis. The Foodlady has been busy in the kitchen for the last several days, and no food has been forthcoming. Very tragic when your outlook is one of food as your total salvation.

Fortunately, I got a lot of my kitchen straightened out since the new counters came in, and Randall and I got the sink/faucet installed yesterday. Yes. Everything was delayed, but there was no help for it.

However, I’m keeping the menus VERY simple this week since I’ve come off my Aleve, and really need to rest from the work we’ve been doing. So that meant today I had a chance to take a pain pill and lay down. Didn’t go to sleep, but I was in the bedroom under the covers with Haley doing a bit of reading and resting. About 4:30, I thought I heard something at the door, but when I didn’t hear it again, I didn’t think anything of it.

Got up about 5:00 and Randall met me at the den doorway laughing. Turns out that what I heard was Elvis scratching at the door. According to his internal clock, 4:30 is the time he begins to check on and worry about The Foodlady. Today Randall didn’t shut the gate, so he had access to the shut bedroom door, and he knew right where I was. LOL

He was quite happy when I went into the kitchen and started slicing and dicing. I don’t have the heart to tell him that the cooking is going to be very limited this week since not only am I trying to take it easy, but I’m having a tile backsplash installed behind the cooktop this week.

Elvis goes back on his regular dose of Pred starting tomorrow. The horrible hacking cough appears to have gone away, but I won’t know for sure until he’s had a few days on his regular amount. I’ll post again later in the week once I see how he’s doing.

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