Tuesday Update

Things are still going really, really well with Elvis.

The swelling around the sutures has just about disappeared. There’s a bit of residual redness, but not much and it seems to be disappearing, too. He’s been a good boy about fiddling with the stitches. He pretty well ignores them.

Just as importantly, everything seems to be functioning as it should. There’s no straining or constant squatting. He goes out, does his business and is back at the door ready to come in with the others.

His attitude is very good, and he’s apparently in no pain. I’ll continue his pain meds through Saturday. I’ve got one extra pill reserved which I think I’ll give him on Monday/Tuesday. He goes in Monday to get his stitches removed, so I’ll save it for then just in case.

I’ve moved him back over to his kibble, and he doesn’t seem to be having a problem with it…either with the digestive side of things or the “down to two teeth” side of things. He’s also got enough antibiotics for at least a couple of days (probably three, but the white opaque bottle with the white liquid makes it really hard to see how much is there).

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with what I’m seeing. Dr. Cooper did a great job with his hernia repair, and I’m trying to keep the clinic posted with Elvis’ progress.

I’ll also try to get some photos in a couple of days. I’ve threatened to take a Sharpie and draw a smiley face on his butt so I have something to look at besides baldness, but it’s just a threat and he knows it. LOL

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2 Responses to Tuesday Update

  1. I’m so glad he snapped back so quickly. He was very stable all during his surgery. He may outlive us all ; )

    • donna says:

      Now if we can just get a handle on this water retention.

      But he really is an amazing little boy.